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RAGE - Resource Analysis and Grouping for Eclipse Release

RAGE - Resource Analysis and Grouping for Eclipse Release

A simple eclipse plugin that allows creating bookmarks and notes, based on the topic you want fixed. Simply add the plugin into your eclipse/plugins folder, then open the view using the Eclipse menu: Window > Show View > Other, and pick RAGE from the list.


You can create groups, that are just logical structures for you, such as bug ids, functionality, etc. In these groups you can drag and drop file resources from the project explorer, so you will create file references inside the group where the file is dropped.

In the file references you can create bookmarks in the actual file using the toolbar icons (the plus minus things).

The file location is either the line number, or some text that the line is containing. Of course you can have multiple file locations in a file reference.

The same resource since it’s just a bookmark can be present multiple times in RAGE, in different groups.


Download from here, put in the plugins folder of your eclpse, restart eclipse, and select it from Window > Show View > Other.