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How Does docker.inside Works in Jenkins

In Jenkins you have the chance of running commands inside of seemingly random containers. You are able to execute commands in node, maven, or a bunch of other containers. Somehow the containers keep running even after executing a single shell command. How is this happening?

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Copying Data to a Specific Jenkins Node During Stage

Let's assume that during the build, you need to archive some data on a specific node. Yes, you could just rsync to it and post data, but if you already have a Jenkins agent running there, maybe there's a simpler way.

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Getting Started with Germanium III

The 3rd part of our 3 part series in which we'll explore how to get started in using germanium. We'll assume the only thing you have is python and a browser, and we'll go from writing the first test, to integrating the test suite in a CI/CD system, in our case Jenkins.

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Integrating Behave Test Results in Jenkins

Behave it's a fantastic BDD testing framework. In case you have no idea what BDD is, it's a way of writing your tests in a human readable fashion (i.e. English), and implement each sentence in code.

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Optimizing Jenkins Builds

Here are three important lessons we've learned at GermaniumHQ in optimizing build speeds.

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