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Creating REST Endpoints Using BPMN Messages in Python

Sometimes we just want to process events that arrive from an outside system, but still model these in an BPMN process. BPMN natively supports that representation in the form of input messages starting events. We'll be wiring Flask to stream messages directly into the process using the message_calback function.

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Creating a New Python BPMN Process With Adhesive

BPMN is great. We draw what we want to execute, and the engine takes care about the parallelism parts. We visually represent how the parts of the program are wired. With adhesive, we take it one step further and instantly implement the backing process. So let's start designing!

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How to Automatically Upload Public Ssh Keys to Hosts

Whenever a new server needs to be managed, the first task is to upload my public key on that system, so I don't need to ever remember the password again, and use it again. Here's how I automated that process.

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