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Germanium webtesting API

Simple Selenium API. Germanium is an extension on top of Selenium, available for Java or Python, built to solve your web automation needs.

Writing a test becomes:

from germanium.static import *


type_keys("germanium pypi<enter>", Input("q"))
click(waited(Link("Python Package Index")))


Yes, it's that easy.

Germanium - Web Testing API jump start.
Well Written

Germanium is written in Java 8, and Python (2 and 3). The code is tested on a wide array of configurations, for Python 2.7, 3.4 and 3.5 as well as Java 8.

Well Documented

All features are in depth documented as either HTML, or as a downloadable PDF.

Well Tested

Germanium is tested using Germanium against Chrome, Firefox, Edge, and IE even on minor releases across all the supported Python and Java versions.

Start automation from hours to minutes

If you have Python or Java, you're ready to go. There's no need to download files, or change your environment variables. open_browser('chrome'), and you're ready to go. (IE, Firefox and Edge also supported).

Super Senior Selenium Developers not Required

Germanium was built from day 0 to be simple. So simple that everyone can understand it. There are no cryptic commands, just things you would say to someone: `open_browser`, `click` something, or `right_click` something else. Everything in a fantastically easy to learn API, that is documented at length. No XPath, or deep CSS knowledge is needed either.

Test super-complex web applications with ease

Is your application built on JSF, YUI, etc. that are notoriously hard for integration testing? Is your application built from multiple IFrames? Do you have several JavaScript frameworks? Are your developers always re-refactoring the tests? Germanium was built to test the most challenging web applications with ease, regardless of the underlying technology.

Reduce Costs

Reduce complexity of tests by an order of magnitude. See here for an example on how that would look.

Run browsers locally, or in the cloud, without code changes

Germanium can run with browsers, that you'll either have on premise, or if you already have a BrowserStack or SauceLabs subscription you can reuse that one.

Easily maintainable tests for months to come

Germanium was build, developed and refined over a few years, and the API is designed with maintenance in mind. We really understand that 80% of the cost comes from maintenance and we don't want to be our code you need to maintain.