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Allowing Docker Containers Inside the Kubernetes Network

Let's assume you're spinning up pure docker containers in your Kubernetes cluster. Not pods, but docker containers. For example you're using docker.inside in your Jenkins builds, and your Kubernetes is hosting the Jenkins instance. You'll notice that your docker container can't access services in your cluster.

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Try Kubernetes in a Snap in Ubuntu 18.04

If you want to try Kubernetes locally you're in for a lot of trouble. Installing it requires you to deal with changing apt repos, installing docker, installing kubectl and kubeadm, provisioning, installing networking, configuring the keys for cluster access, etc. Fortunately Ubuntu offers an easier way, via snaps.

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Getting Started with Germanium III

The 3rd part of our 3 part series in which we'll explore how to get started in using germanium. We'll assume the only thing you have is python and a browser, and we'll go from writing the first test, to integrating the test suite in a CI/CD system, in our case Jenkins.

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Optimizing Jenkins Builds

Here are three important lessons we've learned at GermaniumHQ in optimizing build speeds.

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Creating a Selenium Grid with Germanium

Setting up the infrastructure is simpler with the Selenium Grid that is provisioned by Germanium, and available in Docker. All the regression tests are running against the grid now.

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