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Tagged: command-line

Creating Replacement Shell Scripts in Python II

So in the yesterday's article I ranted on why shell scripting in general, with bash in particular is terrible. But there's a reason why we write shell scripts, namely that we're in the same domain of the commands that we know. Here's how to use the same knowledge in the python scripts:

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Replacing Shell Scripts With Python I

I have a love hate relationship with Bash. On one hand, I have a lot of scripts still running on it. On the other hand, almost all of them were started before I consciously decided that for most things I'll switch to Python. Here are 5 problems that I see with Shell programming:

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Dealing With Legacy Code

In the next miniseries of articles we're going to deal maintaining Legacy Code. We'll go with how to absorb faster bigger portions of code, how to reason larger codebases, and general day to day life. Since there's no one size that fits all, your mileage will vary.

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Blacklisting Modules for the Linux Kernel

After the fiasco with the previous graphic card, I ordered a new one. Since Linux is Linux, nouveau was picked as the driver instead of the nvidia-drm. Because now we have a race condition: we just need to make sure that nouveau is never loaded first though.

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Try Kubernetes in a Snap in Ubuntu 18.04

If you want to try Kubernetes locally you're in for a lot of trouble. Installing it requires you to deal with changing apt repos, installing docker, installing kubectl and kubeadm, provisioning, installing networking, configuring the keys for cluster access, etc. Fortunately Ubuntu offers an easier way, via snaps.

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Command Line Drawing on SVGs With XSLT 2.0

If we want to post process images, one way to have basic post processing, is to just process the SVG file with XSLT. This is possible, since SVG images are just simple XML files. Let's achieve that.

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