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Germanium 1.7.14 is Released

Germanium 1.7.14 is Released

A major new feature was adding the select_file() API, that allows the user to select a file from the disk, in order to be sent for uploading. Unlike the Selenium API, the Germanium select_file API allows also relative paths to be uploaded, since no one wants in its tests to always resolve the current folder of the tests, and then append the path. Germanium will also check if the path exists, and report it to you with the absolute path to immediately validate the tests.

In Action

Now, in order to run it, as with everything else in Germanium, it’s trivial to pick a file:


As you can also see, a new selector was added, namely InputFile that allows picking up, as the name suggests <input> elements with the type='file'.

Firefox Problems

Meanwhile, in the Mozilla land, some problems are happening, and in the version 47 release, they simply admit that Selenium WebDriver may cause Firefox to crash on startup, and recommend using Marionette WebDriver. The only problem is that the normal selenium WebDriver API is not working with Marionette.

This is why on the current Germanium release, the version packaged in the Docker release is v46, that as always, passes all the functional integration tests of Germanium, so we got you covered ;-).