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Tagged: automation

Architecture, Customer Value, and Integration Tests

I had an interesting discussion today that I think is worth writing about. I mentioned having a problem with having a very fat component in a system since integration tests usually become a nightmare. The idea was raised that architecture should not be driven by integration tests, but rather by customer requirements and value. While at face value, this seems intuitively correct, is that so?

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Replacing Shell Scripts With Python I

I have a love hate relationship with Bash. On one hand, I have a lot of scripts still running on it. On the other hand, almost all of them were started before I consciously decided that for most things I'll switch to Python. Here are 5 problems that I see with Shell programming:

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Automate Your Security

As you might remember, we discussed a while back, that having automation for the mundane tasks would yield a great result in the long run. Let's go a bit more on the most mundane of them all: security.

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In the Era of Automation

Did you know that if at work you waste 10 minutes each day, for doing some mundane repetitive task, at the end of a working year you would have wasted roughly one full working week?

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