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In the Era of Automation

In the Era of Automation

Did you know that if at work you waste 10 minutes each day, for doing a mundane repetitive task, at the end of a working year you would have wasted one full working week?

The math behind it is simple: 52 weeks - 4 weeks vacation = 48 weeks. We remain now with 48 weeks, multiplied by 5 working days, each with 10 minutes.


48 * 5 * 10 minutes = 2400 minutes

Divided by 60 we have 40 hours.

So if you can get rid of those 10 minutes lost each day, you’ll win one working week in a year.

One full working week!

That’s why automate repetitive tasks! Make scripts for everything, so you don’t need to repeat yourself. Reclaim those weeks back!

If you want to automate browser usage, you know where to start. Germanium is built all around automation.