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Tagged: WebDriver

Germanium Offers Now Edge Support (Beta)

Version 1.10.0 offers now Edge support. In order to access it you just need to update Germanium (pip install -U germanium), and call open_browser('edge').

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Germanium 1.9.8 Changes Since Last Release

Quite a few changes happened since our last blog post announcing the availability of Germanium 1.9.3.

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Germanium 1.9.3 is Released

With Germanium 1.9.3 a new API for point precision was introduced. Box(Css('#someid')).bottom_right() will return the point in the bottom right of the element that matches.

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Germanium 1.9.0 has Amazing Positional Filtering

With the release of Germanium 1.9.0, not only the positional filtering was completely rewritten (keeping 100% backwards compatibility), but finding items positionally is incredibly simple now.

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Germanium 1.8.0 is Released

Finally there is no need in downloading drivers for WebDriver. With Germanium the drivers are tested and packed in.

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What Do We Learn from the Broken Firefox WebDriver Support

With the new release of Firefox 47, the WebDriver support was left in limbo. On one hand, the old WebDriver API is not accessible anymore, on the other hand the new API (Marionette) explicitly doesn't supports it.

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